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  • “Here at Honey Brake we use our K2 Coolers religiously. Being lighter than comparable coolers without losing ruggedness and still keeping ice for days, they are the only coolers for us.”

    Drew K. – Jonesville, LA
  • “When you have a reputation of being rough on gear like me, I had to choose a cooler that could stand up to my demands. That’s why I chose K2.”

    Grant H. – Lafayette, LA
  • “The performance and value of my K2 Coolers can’t be beat, not to mention they are way lighter than other coolers I have tried.”

    Josh J. – Big Lake, LA
  • “K2's are durable, dependable and flat out hold ice for days.”

    Hunter F. – Destin, FL
  • “When I’m not working, I am fishing or hunting in many different environments. My K2 Cooler has stood up to every test I’ve thrown at. I am a customer for life!!”

    Casey M. – Maurice, LA
  • “K2’s are an extremely durable cooler that is way ahead of the rest at an affordable price for anything OUTDOORS!”

    Ferdie D. – Katy, TX
  • “Headed out into the great outdoors, a phenomenal cooler is just as important as my hunting and fishing licenses. Whether I’m filling my cooler with the day’s catch, a limit of ducks, backstraps or food and drink for the adventure, you can bet your last dollar I’m filling a K2.”

    Neal Rhorbach – Outdoor Channel Outdoors
  • “Whether I am tearing up the trout and reds at home in the Monster Energy Pro team boat, or crushing the redfish as a member of Team Natural Light on the pro redfish circuits, I know my K2 Cooler is gonna keep my drinks as cold as they can be!”

    Capt. Jamie Hough -
  • “My name is Gator Queen Liz from Swamp People. I love my K2 Coolers. Unlike most people that only use their coolers every once in a while, I use my K2 coolers 90% of the year. I have never had any other cooler that would last a portion of what my K2 coolers have, and still hold ice way longer than any other I have ever had. I wouldn’t trade them for any other.”

    Liz Cavalier Choate
  • “As a professional angler, I work outdoors for days on end. I trust my K2 to work just as hard as I do!”

    Cliff “Cajun Baby” Crochet – BASS BassMasters Elite Series Angler & K2 Coolers Pro Staff Team
  • “Here at Refuge Calls and Bayou Deview Outfitters we hunt ducks from October till the end of January. Then we hunt Snow Geese from February till April and there is only one cooler that can hold up to our abuse and keep all of our drinks and food cold, and that’s K2 Coolers.”

    Robb W. – Waldenberg, AR
  • “Here at Honey Brake we use K2 Coolers religiously. Being lighter than comparable coolers without losing ruggedness and still keeping ice for days, they are the only cooler for us.”

    Drew K. – Jonesville, LA
  • “From the swamps and marshes of Louisiana to the unforgiving mountains of Colorado this is the only ice chest that could stand up to rigors of that type of abuse. The Ultimate Cold!!!”

    Rusty A. – Pierre Part, LA
  • “Because my K2 is durable, light and dependable, it’s one less thing I don’t need to be concerned about while I’m kayak fishing.

    Lee T. – Lafayette, LA
  • “I bought my first K2 earlier this year and man was I impressed, lightweight and tough as nails. I was sold by their spot on customer service but most of all they make a dependable cooler that keeps ice for days and easy to handle, especially in the pocket book.”

    Ellis D. – Lake Charles, LA
  • “K2’s are an extreme, durable cooler way ahead of the rest at an affordable price for anything OUTDOORS!”

    Ferdie D. – Katy, TX
  • “I have been using my K2 cooler for almost a year now & it has made my overnight trips on the river more enjoyable. Not only does it fit in my kayak perfectly, but I am usually the only one that has ice left on the third day in over 100 degree heat.”

    Robert M. – Smithson Valley, TX
  • “When I’m not working, I am fishing or hunting in many different environments. My K2 cooler has stood up to every test I’ve thrown at it, from keeping my fish, game or drinks ICE cold, to bouncing around in the truck, UTV or boat. No other cooler I have owned is as durable or easy to handle as my K2’s. I am a customer for life!!!”

    Casey M. – Maurice, LA
  • “Whether I’m headed to the beach with a picnic lunch or driving across the continent with frozen crawfish, my K2 Cooler keeps everything cold. If only I could buy them in Saskatchewan!”

    Cynthia E. – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • “K2 Coolers are by far the best choice for me transporting my most important cargo. See, I eat what I shoot! When I’m on a several day hunt, I never have to worry if I will run out of ice. They are so tough, I even keep one in the mud boat! In 90 degree temps during the spring, my turkeys still had ice on them after 5 days….. That’s what I call real value!”

    Rod Haydel – Haydel’s Game Calls, Shreveport, LA
  • “I don’t go on a single hunt or fishing trip without my K2 Cooler. Whether it’s loaded up with food and drinks, hauling back deer, ducks or fish, I know it’s real cold in that K2, and going to stay that way for a long while! Superior quality and extraordinary customer service, K2 has my business till there ain’t no fish left in the sea!!”

    Neal Rohrbach – Outdoor TV Personality, Valdosta, GA
  • “I use K2 Coolers on my charters because it keeps ice on my customers’ food and drinks for days at a time!! The performance and value of my K2 cooler can’t be beat, not to mention it is way lighter than other coolers I’ve tried!”

    Capt. Josh Johnson – Triple J Charters – Big Lake, LA
  • “It’s great to finally have a cooler that does what it is supposed to, it keeps ice and things cold!! Since I have been using a K2 Cooler, I always have COLD drinks! I keep one in my boat at all times now. The K2 also allows me to have extra ice to add to my livewells to help keep my fish healthy!! The durability is unbelievable and priced where everyone can afford one!! Has to be one of the best tools I’ve added to my boat!!”

    Dennis Tietje – Roanoke, LA – BassMaster Elite Series Fisherman & K2 Coolers Pro Staff Team
  • “Florida is not called the Sunshine State because everyone is always happy & smiling. It is hot and muggy for most of the year, the average temperature is 90+ degrees in the summer months…..”

    Sam Root – Marine Photographer
  • “…hold enough ice so we can fish for days and sometimes over a week without having to re-up on ice!! It doesn’t matter where you live or what you fish for, K2 coolers has the goods when it comes to keeping ice where it belongs… the cooler!!”

    Capt. Josh Ardis – Jeni Lyn Sportfishing
  • “If you are an outdoors man like me and find yourself out there more than just a couple of hours, you will quickly find out a high quality super insulated cooler is a must have. My K2 Cooler is very rugged & keeps things ice cold with the best of them. For the value and performance, K2 Coolers is tough to beat!”

    Sam Root – Marine Photographer
  • “I’m a hog hunter in South Alabama. I choose K2 Coolers because they are as tough as the hogs I hunt and they keep them cold!”

    James B. – Foley, AL
  • “This will last a lifetime of fishing. I’ve used every make and model of commercial and recreational coolers on the market in 25 years of offshore fishing all over the world. From 80’ sportfishers to 18’ skiffs, K2 is the way to go. One piece of gear that will not fail you when you need it.”

    Jeff B. – Orange Beach, AL
  • “Whether on a hunt destination or at the ball field, our family has a K2 in tow. The durability & toughness that we put it through is unmatched and at the end of the day, everything is still ice cold!”

    G.O & Haley Heath – Family Traditions TV
  • "We have been using K2 Coolers exclusively at the Youngsville Sports Complex since we opened. Their durability has consistently exceeded our expectations time after time. They are rugged, lightweight, and easy to transport. The 5 gallon coolers are a must in the dugouts. They keep water fresh and cold for several days for our thirsty players. We couldn’t be happier with their performance and we highly recommend them."

    Tim Robicheaux - Youngsville Sports Complex

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