Get even more from your K2 Cooler

K2 Tips & Tricks

You may be familiar with some of these tips but we wanted to pass along the techniques that will

allow you to maximize the ice retention of your K2 Cooler.

Using and cleaning your K2 cooler

  • Chill your cooler first

    Chill your cooler by placing some ice in it several hours before packing it with food and drink. This will cool down the interior and greatly reduce the ice that is usually used up from cooling down the cooler itself.

  • Pre-chill your contents

    Pre-chill or freeze the contents you intend to load into your cooler. This is a very critical step to insure long ice retention. A 12 pack of canned drinks will use over 2 lbs of ice just to chill it!

  • Use colder ice

    It may sound crazy, but use good quality ice. High quality, deeply frozen ice can be almost 40 degrees colder than ‘wet’ ice which is barely below the freezing point.

  • Block vs cubed ice

    Block ice will last longer and cubed/crushed ice will cool items down more quickly. We like to use a combination so our contents are chilled quickly, but to also insure that they stay cold longer!

  • Don't drain the water

    Don't drain the water. Ice will last longer in chilled water as opposed to air.

  • Avoid direct sunlight

    Keep the lid fastened and the cooler out of the direct sun when possible. Even though our coolers are heavily insulated, direct sunlight will speed up ice melt by 50%.

  • Get in and out quickly

    Every time the lid is opened cool air is replaced with warm air. Ice will then be used up to chill the warm air that was introduced. Limit your cooler access and when you do open the lid, get in and get out quickly.

  • Don't overfill your cooler

    When possible, the volume of ice should be double the volume of items in the cooler. However, don’t overfill the cooler as hinge breakage due to an overfilled cooler is not covered under warranty.

Using and cleaning your K2 cooler

  • Cleaning your cooler

    The cooler can usually be cleaned by using a mixture of dish soap and water.

  • For tough odors and stains

    For tough odors or stains, use a mixture of water and bleach (10:1 ratio) with a medium stiff scrub brush.

  • Drying your cooler

    When finished cleaning your cooler, leave the lid open until completely dry to keep musty/mildew smells from setting in.

Thanks for choosing a K2 cooler. With proper use and care your cooler will last for many years. We take special care in manufacturing our coolers and welcome any comments or questions about the performance of our product.