K2 Coolers are crafted to suite even the toughest conditions – Not always hunting in the winter but with kids fishing on a pier! Check out below to see how your K2 Cooler is constructed.


Most coolers are blow molded with an extremely thin layer of cheap plastic. Our coolers are constructed by rotational molding. The roto-molded process is a high temperature, low pressure, forming process that utilizes heat and dual axle rotation. While it’s a more time intensive process, the end result is a durable, one-piece part with no seams for maximum durability and life.

We use a minimum of 1/8 inch of UV stabilized polyethylene in the inner and outer walls for a total of over a 1/4 inch of durable, insulating plastic. This is the same material used in kayaks, and hockey rink walls. It has a high tensile strength, which gives it superior impact and puncture resistance compared to traditional coolers. Polyethylene is also the material of choice for most greenhouses due to its superior insulating capabilities per mil versus other plastics.

In between the walls and lid of every K2 cooler is up to 3 inches of K2’s premium grade high density polyurethane foam. Our 20 Quart has up to 2 inches of insulation which increases portability while still providing excellent ice retention. This foam creates millions of “pockets” to reduce heat transfer. While some may say we’ve gone overboard with the amount of insulation we put it in our coolers, we know it’s this foam that helps give K2 it’s incredible ice holding capabilities. The high density foam also gives our cooler walls and lids incredible strength and rigidity. You don’t have to worry about standing on one of our coolers! We also use an anti-delaminating grip that insures the walls and the insulation don’t delaminate, further extending the useful life of your cooler.

Each cooler then goes through a multi-step finishing process where the quality components below are installed. Our coolers are than subjected to a rigorous QC check before the K2 label is put on.


When designing our cooler we wanted to make sure it would not end up in the ice chest graveyard in your storage shed or garage. We wanted it to be one that would give you years of service. To accomplish this we couldn’t use the traditional latches, hinges and handles that most people have to change every year (or sooner). We figured the best way to deal with the problem was to eliminate it.


Our ICEVAULT™ gasket is made with thick, flexible rubber and then placed in a specially designed channel around the entire lid perimeter. This provides a seal similar to your refrigerator at home. It locks the cold in and the heat out.


On all of our coolers you’ll find the ENDURA™ hinge system which is an integrated hinge that runs the entire length and is molded into the cooler and connected with a metal rod to keep your lid permanently attached.


Our POSITRAC™ rubber latches are designed to create a positive seal and are mounted on molded-in keepers for that perfect closure every time. These latches are specifically designed to be easy to operate in a more natural upward motion.


Our SUREgrip™ rubber feet are non-marking and designed to keep your cooler exactly where you put it. We also offer SMOOTHglide™ covers that can be quickly screwed into the feet for those times when you want the cooler to slide around easily.


K2’s TORRENT™ drain plug is designed for quick and easy drainage with just a partial turn, so there’s no need to fully remove the plug and risk losing it. It features a silicone gasket for a water tight seal. The Torrent drain plug is designed to fit the Summit Series coolers.


Our EASYhaul™ rope handles are designed for comfort and durability and make lifting heavy loads with a partner a breeze (on all coolers except for Summit 20.) The REALgrip™ integrated handles make for easy solo lifting or for those times when you would rather not use the rope.


Every K2 has dual HOLDtight™ anchoring points on both sides of the cooler for easy mounting solutions no matter the situation and integrated padlock holes on both sides makes your K2 lockable and secure (Except for the Summit 20.)


Our Summit 20 has a heavy duty shoulder strap with thick padding to ensure easy carrying.